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Chicago Man Killed, 2 Injured in Early Morning Crash

A single vehicle accident left an 18 year old Chicago man dead early Tuesday morning. Another Chicago man and a woman from Janesville were reported to be injured in the accident. It is believed the man that survived was treated and released from the hospital, however, the condition of the woman is unknown at this time. The car was found in a ditch on County A east of Church Road about 2 miles north of Footville. Police reported skid marks approximately 50 feet in length on the road and believe the car traveled at least another 250 feet once it left the road. The family of the man killed and those injured in the accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. In a one car accident, many times the injured passengers can recover for injuries from the driver. The passengers of the vehicle or their families should contact an attorney to find out if they can make a claim against the driver for their injuries or death.