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DePuy UPDATE: Company Failing to Live Up to its Promise to Cover Costs

In August, DePuy recalled almost 100,000 hip replacement devices after it was discovered that almost 12% of surgeries resulted in complications or required second revision surgeries within 5 years of initial implantation. Despite claims from the company that they would cover reasonable costs, many recipients of DePuy hip implants now claim the manufacturer is failing to live up to its promises and instead telling patients to seek compensation through private insurance plans or Medicare. The company issued a statement saying that it is “committed to assisting patients affected by the recall by paying for the cost of doctors visits, test and procedures associated with the recall,” but reports are cropping up that the company is telling injured patients to try to get their medical bills covered elsewhere and in some cases going so far as to blame the victim, as one Chicagoan recently claimed. Most people who have received the hip implants share similar stories. A device that was supposed to improve their quality of life considerably is now the source of excruciating pain, as the result of the implant failing to fuse to the bone. The revision surgery can costs anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 plus the costs of various diagnostic tests and follow-up visits. In some cases patients do not have enough bone density left for the surgery to be completed successfully. Revision surgery also takes around 2 months for recovery and leaves patients unable to walk resulting in loss of wages and mental anguish. In the end, taxpayers or insurance companies shouldnt have to foot the bill for costs associated with DePuys failure to ensure the quality of their products.