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Hot Air Balloon Ride Kills 2, Injures Several

A hot air balloon ride turned disasters recently when the balloon caught on fire. The balloon was tethered to the ground initially but then was released into the air as the fire began to spread. Many of the passengers were able to jump out of the basket to safety, but not all were lucky. Two of the passengers died from burns. The balloon landed on several homes destroying them. The investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing at this time. Investigators are not certain if it was pilot error or another reason the balloon caught on fire. Victims of the fire may be able to file a claim against the pilot and the hot air balloon company for the injuries they received. Families of the two people killed may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Many people believe they are not entitled to file a claim because often they have signed waivers prior to going on rides like this. While a waiver may bar some claims, all claims are not necessarily barred and an injured person who has signed a waiver still should contact an attorney to determine if a claim may be made.