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Taste of Chicago Salmonella Cases Filed

The first salmonella cases have been filed against Pars Cove restaurant after over 600 people became ill at this years Taste of Chicago. Health officials believe the salmonella is linked to food that was served at the Pars Cove booth during the festival. Approximately a dozen people were hospitalized after falling ill. The City of Chicago has reported that they will continue to have the annual festival and that they have not had any problems with food contamination in the past 20 years. The salmonella outbreak, however, has affected many people and those people may have a right to take legal action against Pars Cove and possibly the City of Chicago. The first lawsuits have been filed in this outbreak, but many more are expected to be filed in the coming weeks and months. If you became ill after attending the Taste of Chicago, contact an attorney immediately.