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Burr Oak Cemetery Investigation – How Could This Happen?

The investigation at the Burr Oak Cemetery has been going on for almost three weeks now and still many families are left without answers. Many are left with questions about how this could happen, but no one ready to answer. Family members took upon the difficult task that we all must take on one day of making funeral arrangements and burying loved ones, many who died all too soon, many who were only children. After going through this process and learning to be at peace with the fate of their family members, these families are now forced to relive the most difficult time in many people's lives. Families entrusted their loved ones final resting place to the Burr Oak Cemetery. They paid money and signed contracts to ensure their families members would be eternally safe at the cemetery, only now to find out that the bodies may have been moved and/or discarded in a mass grave. It is unfathomable that people would stoop so low as to disturb the dead to put a few extra dollars in their pockets, but the reality is that it has happened, and now these families have a right to be compensated. Families whose loved ones final resting place was disturbed at the Burr Oak Cemetery should be compensated by those involved. The cemetery workers, owners and others who knew about this disgraceful scam to resell occupied plots should not be able to walk away without answering to the families who have been harmed. If you believe you may have a claim against the Burr Oak Cemetery, contact McCallister Law Group to learn more about your legal rights.