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Investigation at Burr Oak Cemetery Continues

As the seriousness of the offenses of the owners and workers of Burr Oak Cemetery continue to come to light, the State is taking steps to protect the families of the loved ones buried at Burr Oak Cemetery. On Monday, Dan Hynes, Illinois Comptroller, moved to freeze almost $6 million in funds that are under the control of the company that owns the cemetery. This is one of many steps Illinois is taking to protect the rights of the families. The State is also taking steps to create better oversight of cemeteries. Currently no one is overseeing how the cemeteries are being run and whether bodies are actually being properly and respectfully buried. Family members have a right to know that they can return to the site where loved ones were buried and know that upon their return the gravesite will be as they left it on the day the person was buried. The fact that cemetery workers and owners could have such disregard for the remains of so many people is disgraceful and these people should be held accountable. Family members have a right to know that their loved ones' gravesites are being taken care of properly and are not being disturbed. If you believe your loved ones burial site may have been disturbed, contact McCallister Law Group to discuss what your legal rights are against the cemetery.