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Loved Ones Missing at Burr Oak Cemetery

An investigation is being conducted at the Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois after it was revealed workers were digging up the remains of people and moving them to a mass grave so the burial plots could be resold. At this time it is believed at least 300 bodies were removed, but the number is likely to rise as there are over 100,000 bodies buried at the cemetery. Some families went to the cemetery, after hearing the news about the reselling of the plots, to find their loved ones only to realize the headstones were missing or not where the family member was buried. Currently, authorities are not allowing families into the cemetery as they try to determine the location of the over 100,000 bodies. Family members, however, are able to go to the cemetery to give authorities information regarding family members burial information. Some workers from the cemetery have been charged criminally, but the cemetery also is responsible for damages to the families. If you believe your loved one’s body may have been moved, contact an attorney to find out what type of claims you may be able to bring against the cemetery.