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IL AG Issues Warning on Baby Crib Bumpers

The Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, has just issued a warning for all baby crib bumper pads used in cribs, bassinets, and any other sleeping place for infants because of the risk of suffocation or strangulation. Bumper pads are typically found in cribs where they are wrapped around and tied to the crib slats. Many parents use them because they appear to prevent babies heads from getting stuck in their cribs; however, this is now known not to be the case. A number of deaths and injuries have been connected to bumper pads. The pads can cause suffocation if the baby rolls up against them, gets their head stuck between the pad and the crib, or their neck gets caught in the bumper ties. Babies lack the muscle strength and motor development to free themselves if caught or stuck. These bumpers have caused 14 known deaths since 2008 according to the National Center for Child and Death Review. The real number could be more since medical professionals and coroners arent required to report deaths caused by crib products to the government. Madigan issued a statement saying, Parents and caregivers should remove these bumpers to prevent tragedy. Attorney General Madigan has also urged the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to release the results of a study conducted on the dangers of crib bumpers immediately so safety standards can be adjusted accordingly. The group previously refused to release the study citing the need for internal review. Now the groups website says they are considering the studys release for publication. Manufacturers and sellers of baby bumper pads have been notified of the warning but no recalls have been issued thus far. Madigan hopes her campaign will notify parents in the absence of a recall. Hopefully in the meantime by raising awareness about the danger of these pads, parents and nurseries will remove them themselves.