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Six Flags Ride Amputates Girls Feet

A thirteen year old girl had her feet amputated when she was riding the Superman ride at Kentucky’s Six Flags theme park. The ride rises 154 feet above ground and then drops riders at a rate of 54 miles per hour until stopping just 20 feet before they hit the ground. Witnesses have said that they believe a cable snapped and became wrapped around the girl’s feet causing them to be amputated at the ankle. The girl was rushed to the hospital with her amputated feet and underwent surgery. There is no word at this time regarding the success of the surgery and the young girl’s prognosis. Six Flags closed the ride at the Kentucky park but the rest of park remains open. Six Flags faces many questions and is likely to face a lawsuit as a result of the incident. The girl may be entitled to recover against Six Flags for her medical expenses along with the pain and suffering associated with her injuries.